adventurous, vibrant, and authentic wedding photography

Just like a fingerprint, we believe that no two couples are alike. We strive to capture your authentic couple style whether you are dark and mysterious, fun and flirty, romantic and quiet, geeky and awkward, or anything in between. Your photos will always reflect your unique personality traits. From the engagement to your wedding we will make sure you're comfortable and having fun. To us you are more than just a client. From the initial inquiry we work to create a relationship with every couple we photograph and connect on a personal level, become friends, and have a drink or two.  

Our ideal couple is YOU.

We don't discriminate at Three Region and believe any couple getting married in any location is our dream wedding to capture! Whether you're eloping on a mountainside, going barefoot at the beach, swapping vows in a backyard family style, or having an intimate courthouse wedding with a handful of friends and family - we'd love to work with you. 




I'm the girl behind the camera, the one answering your emails and questions, and the creative force behind Three Region Photography. 

I'm more than just your wedding day photographer - I am your coordinator  keeping you in pace with timeline you created, your stylist making sure  everything is exactly the way you envisioned, and I may get a little confetti in my hair or mud on my knees to get you the perfect shot but to me it's totally worth it.

When it comes to shooting and editing I am a sucker for candid shots with tons of movement, vibrant colors, and life within still frames.

Personally I love hot tea & strong whiskey (preferably together), reading books (real ones none of those digital copies), binging TV shows, loud music, pop culture (especially trivia), North Carolina, indie movies, Wes Anderson, tarot cards, staying up all night, and meeting new people!

So go ahead and say "Hello" - I'd love to get to know you too!