Three Region @ Arizona Pete's with The Plot In You, Erra, Sylar, and Invent Animate

The Plot In You brought their Happiness In Self Destruction Tour through Greensboro last week, and we were invited to come out and take a few pictures. The venue, Arizona Pete’s, is a relatively new music venue and that was very clear throughout the night. Typically a country bar or a nightclub, there was plenty of potential for that kind of environment. The sound system was not up to par to handle the amount of juice that a metal band needs to pump through it and they didn’t even utilize half the light equipment that was scattered throughout the main room.

Despite all the difficulties, the bands really seemed to take what they were given and make the most of it. I guess that really shows the professionalism of the bands on this tour. Invent, Animate, Sylar, Erra, and The Plot In You all played great sets and hopefully this one bad experience doesn’t keep them from coming back.

Check out the full gallery from the show.