Album Review: Treehouse - I See Stars


Over the last few months, a lot of new albums have come out. Bands releasing what they say is their best work yet. But while everyone is moving on to newer music, I just can’t seem to shake one particular album that came out in June. I’ve tried to avoid listening to it and after a couple days of my go-to favorites, a random song off of I See StarsTreehouse takes over my mind until I go back and listen to the album. To be honest, the album isn’t anything remarkable, groundbreaking, or even the best this year. There’s just something about it that makes it so addicting, that it sticks inside your ear holes and feeds upon your parietal lobe.

I See Stars has always been known for their heavy electronic-laced breakdowns and their catchy choruses. But after they dropped their unclean vocalist/keyboardist and one of their guitarists, the band’s future was unclear. The band had just removed a huge portion of the songwriting process, leaving questions about the band’s recognizable programming and screams. Many fans feared that we would see a repeat of the band’s forgettable sophomore album, “The End Of The World Party.” That thought was quickly wiped clean though, after the first single hit the internet and really proved that the band could keep their iconic sound. I still stood my ground and stayed skeptical about the album. Well two months after it’s release, Treehouse continues to be the one album I constantly go to. When I’m not listening to any music, songs like “White Lies” and “Calm Snow” are constantly stuck in my head.

From beginning to end, except for the song “All In” that is reminiscent of Desiigner’s “Panda,” I’ve listened to this album more times in the past two months than any other album in the last year. It definitely isn’t the type of music that will break through to mainstream radio or even what most people would find to be music worth their time. But I definitely feel that if most people gave Treehouse a fighting chance, they’d find themselves having songs stuck in their head also.