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Salt Ashes

Veiga Sanchez or as she’s most commonly recognized as “Salt Ashes” took a few minutes out of her day to discuss her self-titled debut album, her writing process, and the creative elements that create Salt Ashes.

            The name Salt Ashes comes from her hometown of Brighton, England. Close to the sea there are many wooden canoes on shore. The words “Salt Ashes” was carved into one of the boats and inspired her – although she had wanted to use the saying as a lyric, it never fit into a song. When it came time to create a stage name, Veiga knew she couldn’t let “Salt Ashes” go and integrated it into her persona.

            Right off the high from her album release party last week, Veiga was excited about things to come.

At an early age Veiga knew she wanted to pursue a career in music; from singing “Eternal Flame” by the Bangles at the top her lungs, to dancing and performing in front of her parents camcorder, ultimately led to her attending college for singing.

Inspired by early Madonna, Luther Vandross, disco artists like Change, and electronic beats from Darft Punk, Salt Ashes has found a way to combine her love for art and music into an unique style and sound. With a combination of ballets and dance tracks on her debut, it’s easy to get lost in her music and find a song for any occasion.

When it comes to writing Veiga draws inspiration from personal experience, contemporary dance, friend’s anecdotes, and sometimes people watching.

“Most of my tracks come from personal experience however it takes awhile for me to process them.”

So while her songs are emotionally driven there is enough time between said experiences to have insight which I believe is a great quality in music.

“Sometimes songs come out in an hour, sometimes it’s a recording session in the studio. Which keeps things interesting,” Veiga said on her writing process. Instead of having a strict writing schedule she’s able to let things happen naturally.

Favorite song to write and perform from the album – “Whatever You Want Me To Be.”

This song inspired by a documentary about Edie Sedgwick. “It’s the only song on the album not about a personal experience.”

Why is it so fun to perform?

“We’ve only performed it three times. It’s at a different pace and I can really get into it.”

The most challenging things in her career right now – maintaining vocal hygiene, being her own manager & being addicted to quinoa crisps.

Being a vocalist and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Veiga knows she can’t go out drinking or partying as much – “Have to be more careful instead of carefree” she said in regards to keeping up her vocals.

Parting ways with her manager almost a year ago, Veiga had decided to manage herself, combining both her business ventures and her creative ones. This gives her more freedom to develop her brand and musical pathway.

While she hasn’t made her way to the States yet, she hopes to perform early next year.  When asked how she wants America to perceive her she responded, “As a great performer and great songwriter.”

And when it comes to guilty pleasures it seems quinoa crisps take the role. “They aren’t quite as healthy when you’re on your third bag that day,” she joked.

With such a pleasant attitude, upbeat personality, and ambitious drive, we are certain to see Salt Ashes in the near future.

I had a chance to listen to her debut album and can say it is a solid debut release, combining elements of the 80’s and 90’s with electronic hits of today. With a dark soul and a deep vocal range – her vocals mesh perfectly with the upbeat synth sounds to create an electric energy that you can’t help but dance along to.

Salt Ashes


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