Album Review: Citizen Zero - State of Mind

Citizen Zero

We were able to get our hands on an advanced copy of Citizen Zero’s upcoming album, State of Mind, and thought we should tell the world about these rock stars.

Since their formation in 2010, Citizen Zero have seen their fair share of hard times. Early in their career, original guitarist and brother to John Dudley, passed away unexpectedly. Despite what would have been the end to most groups, the thick skinned rock outfit continued on to release multiple EPs over the years. Gradually garnering national attention, we come close to their biggest moment as a band. August 12th, the day that Citizen Zero's debut LP, "State of Mind" is unleashed to the world. The Detroit-based band has spent the summer on the road; touring and playing major festivals like Rock on The Range, and have been praised by the likes of Huffington Post, Loudwire, Guitar World, Pure Volume and a lot more.

Despite being a relatively new band, a very 90s/2000s rock vibe can be heard throughout the album. Any fan of Pearl Jam or Stone Temple Pilots should be jamming this album for the nostalgia of better times in rock music. The knowledgeable musicianship and raw talent can be heard throughout the album as Citizen Zero hits you with tracks you’d picture yourself swaying to, from the lawn of a sold-out amphitheater.

Citizen Zero is currently on the road through the end of August. Their album, State of Mind, is available for Pre-Order & instantly get 3 tracks when you do!