Danny Brown @ Cat's Cradle

On Saturday Danny Brown once again came to rock Carrboro - with the release of his highly anticipated album Atrocity Exhibition - he brought along some friends in the form of his "Brigade" and allowed for Durham based rapper Professor Toon to kick off the Halloween weekend. 

The 35-year old rapper's show was high energy - as he bounces from side to side of the stage, jumping up and down, and really interacting with the crowd. His 22-song set list doesn't stop and packs a punch as he raps all the way through. While this is great for keeping the crowd moving it does take his show to right under an hour and a half. 

With a sold out crowd there were a lot of people to impress and Danny Brown made sure to leave his lasting impression that makes kids come back for more. For more information on Danny Brown or his new album "Atrocity Exhibition" visit him at his website here