A Night Spent Getting Down With The Sickness (aka: Disturbed in Raleigh)

Disturbed Red Hat Amphitheater Raleigh

With only a couple concerts left in the outdoor concert season, Disturbed made a stop in Raleigh on their current Fall tour with Chevelle and Nothing More. 

Nothing More started us off, and played through the sunset. The band came out to a roaring cheer from the crowd and pretty much went 0-100 as the, already shirtless, frontman ran out and started banging on an instrument he calls "drum-tron." 

Now that the sun had set, the lights came out. Chevelle had a lighting setup that resembled dead tree limbs and was really difficult and awesome to shoot with! The three-piece rock band do what they do and there's really not much else to say. If you want to really enjoy a good rock band that sounds amazing live, go see Chevelle.

Before Disturbed could take the stage, the crew had to make an entire stage switch. They brought in sets of stairs, new lighting rigs, and a backdrop that looked like a giant rock wall. It was amazing how quickly they flipped the stage, but I guess they professionals for a reason. 

As soon as everything was in place, Disturbed took the stage and lit the place on fire. They wasted no time breaking out the pyro. The hard rock group has recently gained recognition for their rendition of "The Sound of Silence," which showcases their vocal ability and musicianship. This being my second time seeing Disturbed, I pretty much knew what I was getting into. They play so precisely and so on key, it is just like you are listening to their music through a pair of headphones.