One last time with For Today

When you think Christian music, you don't typically picture a group of dudes playing metal music and screaming to the point of scaring your mother. Well, one of the more recognizable Christian Metal/Metalcore bands is calling it quits after 12 years as a band. 


For Today is known for their heavy breakdowns and stomach turning bassdrops, but also for what you may not see on the surface after a quick glance. Their songs are filled with religious references and even direct quotes from the Bible. Mattie Montgomery acts more as a sermon leader rather than a metal band frontman. And, over the years I have seen each member praying, speaking, helping, and laughing with fans of all kinds. 

This night at The Underground, in Charlotte, was one last time for me to enjoy what this band brings to the stage. A sold out show, with so much emotion. For Today is now on their final stretch of shows and in just a matter of days, will be closing the door on what has been a very spiritually and physically successful career.


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