Good Charlotte takes us all back to middle school

Good Charlotte The Ritz Youth Authority

With monumental bands calling it quits this year, we're looking at you Motion City Soundtrack and Yellowcard, some may say that punk rock is dying or dead. But, don't tell Joel and Benji Madden that. 
The brothers and the rest of Good Charlotte are currently on tour in support of their new album "Youth Authority," and making us all feel like locking ourselves in our rooms again. The tour has seen its share of throwback bands, including Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong; And in Raleigh we were fortunate enough to get Hit The Lights. Everything about this tour is a statement to doubters of the current punk rock scene. 

The night started off a little calm, with the rock group Big Jesus. They played start to finish, and never really took time between songs to address the crowd or take a breather. Straight to the point. Their sound was clearly influenced by bands like Good Charlotte, so it was only fitting that they held a spot on this tour. 

The crowd really got into once Hit The Lights took the stage, some may not know of this relatively unknown band that started out in 2003. That wasn't a common theme this night, though. Their entire set had people jumping and singing, but the place erupted in singing when they played their hit "Bodybag." This was one of those 'if you didn't know, now you know' moments, when so many realized they knew the song. 

Hit The Lights The Ritz Raleigh

The energy continued when direct supporters, The Story So Far, hit the stage. It was clear that everyone in the venue was more familiar with the Cali-pop punk band than the two opening acts. From start to end, the room was filled with singing and crowd surfers aplenty. They even played a Led Zepplin cover. What?! Being one of the less active bands on stage, their popularity and connection with the fans kept everyone engaged. 

The Story So Far The Ritz Raleigh

Well, it was time. The band that so many people in the room grew up listening to. Blasting their music while telling their parents "you'll never understand me," as they slam the door in their parent's face. Good Charlotte has some mainstream hits, but they have such a huge and dedicated following that refuse to listen to the radio. 

Good Charlotte The Ritz Raleigh Three Region Music
Good Charlotte The Ritz Raleigh Three Region Music

Right from the start, the 5-piece punk rock band made it clear that this show was about their entire career, not just their new album. They only played three new songs and pleased the entire crowd with all the favorite classic songs like "Boys and Girls" and "The Story of My Old Man." 

Throughout the night, the brothers shared stories from their past experiences in Raleigh and North Carolina. And Joel took a moment to really set the tone by stating that "this night about forgetting what we want to forget and remembering all the these we want to remember."

The night was one to remember for sure, with such nostalgia and an entire room of people enjoying songs they all held so close to their heart through some of the toughest years of their lives. 

So to those that think that punk rock is dead, catch one of the last few dates of the Youth Authority Tour. And then, let's revisit your thoughts. 

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