Halloween With Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly Alpha Omega Tour

Ghouls, goblins, and all those Harley Quinns. Everyone was out for Halloween this year. If you weren’t out trick-or-treating, you were probably enjoy a scary movie or maybe even a absolutely insane concert at The Ritz. Well, I think you can guess where I was.

Machine Gun Kelly spent his Halloween night in Raleigh, for what turned out to be one of the most insane concerts I have been able to cover. When I first arrived, there was a huge line of people dressed up in various costumes and painted faces. I was instantly taken back to the annual Halloween shows at The Brewery with KillWhitneyDead. They fans were always on another level, everyone was ready to party. And, 2016 was no exception.

From the moment the doors opened there was cheering, singing, chanting, and dancing. After what seemed like an exceptionally long waiting time for the opening act to take the stage, Mod Sun finally skipped out to the middle of the stage and screamed into his microphone. The crowd erupted and the real party was finally underway.

Mod Sun is something else. His brand of music is pretty standard to rap, but his attitude is on another level. The seemingly care-free “hippy” jumps, skips, rolls, and stomps all over the stage during his songs about being happy, friendship, spreading love, and smoking weed.
“If you see me in your city, say what’s up my hippy.” Can we all just have one big chill session with this dude?

Mod Sun’s set ended with a “M-G-K” chant and the party continued on between sets.

In true Halloween fashion, MGK started his set with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Once the track ended, a masked drummer ran out onto stage with a chainsaw.

Machine Gun Kelly Alpha Omega Ritz Raleigh Halloween

After a few revs of the engine to each side of the stage, he ran back to his drumset and mounted the kit with the chainsaw held above his head. It was hard to hear the saw with the crowd cheering so loudly, and I think I felt my eardrum burst once MGK hit the stage. The 26 year old rapper conducted his band and the crowd masterfully throughout his, almost, two hour set. They performed with such intensity and chemistry, I felt mesmerized by it all. The punk rock rapper even took time out of his set to perform a Blink-182 cover!

Machine Gun Kelly Alpha Omega Ritz Raleigh

What a show it was. I think I might start a petition to have Machine Gun Kelly come back for Halloween again next year.


The Cleveland rapper’s most recent album, “General Admission,” and upcoming tour dates can all be found at www.machinegunkelly.com.