Rise Up Tour hits Raleigh

If you have any kind of knowledge of alternative music or the heavier stylings of music, you know that Rise Records is the powerhouse label right now. So any kind of label oriented tour is going to be insane. Currently The Devil Wears Prada, Memphis May Fire, Silverstein, and Like Moths to Flames are taking on the Rise Up Tour and recently made a stop in Raleigh at The Ritz. A night filled with fan favorites, nostalgia, and angry noises; what more could you ask for?

Like Moths To Flames open up the show with their "F" you attitude. Sporting a Philadelphia Flyers shirt (on the night the Carolina Hurricanes played the Flyers), frontman Chris Roetter gets everyone jumping and the sweat flowing early in the night. Next up, Silverstein was one of those bands any emo/alternative kid sang too in their car in high school. Playing throwbacks Smile In Your Sleep and My Heroine, the veteran rockers haven't changed since I first saw them in 2006.
Co-headliner, Memphis May Fire, is a band that I struggle to come to terms with. Being a fan of their early work, very early work (yeah i'm one of those 'hipsters'), I just can't let go of those times. But don't get me wrong, they are very good at what they do and they have an incredible fan base that continues to grow. Matty Mullens and original guitarist Kellen McGregor have lead this band to be one of the top acts of Rise's lineup.
After three great bands and barely past 9pm, The Devil Wears Prada hit the stage with an absolutely amazing set as always. They have yet to put out an album that has blown me away and never shy away from the classics at their shows. 
The Rise Up Tour was an awesome way to really kick of the Fall season of shows. Hats off to Rise Records and all the amazing bands that they sign; keep up the great work.