95X celebrates Christmas a little early with Third Eye Blind

With Christmas coming up in just a couple weeks, the local radio stations are putting on their festive concert events; the first of which being 95Xmas party featuring Third Eye Blind. 

This sold out event, at The Ritz in Raleigh, started off with the recognized local band I Was Totally Destroying It. This female fronted group is always a crowd favorite where ever they are playing, and the 95Xmas party was no exception.

I was totally destroying it the ritz 95x

After a bit of a delay between bands, the house lights dimmed and the crowd erupted in cheers. The band walked out on stage one by one and then immediately went into "Rites of Passage," off their 2015 album Dopamine.

Third Eye Blind The Ritz 95x

Frontman, Stephan Jenkins, took time early in their set to remind everyone about how special this moment was. "We're not on a big tour right now, or anything like that," Jenkins stated, "And we just wanted to thank 95X for having us out." He then asked everyone in the crowd to take a moment and turn to someone they did not know and give them a hug, and ask them how there day is going. Without hesitation the crowd burst into a mess of friendly chatter as everyone obeyed his request.

Third Eye Blind The Ritz 95X

Their set was filled with a mixture of songs from throughout their entire history, and to no surprise they saved all their biggest hits for the end. After a massive sing-a-long to "Semi-Charmed Life," the crowds raspy voices chanted and begged for an encore. Eventually they got what they wanted, and Jenkins and company came out to perform three more songs including one of their biggest hits "How's It Going To Be." 

I was very surprised by the age range within the crowd. There were all those people that I expected to be there, but there were a lot of younger children also. And not the ones that were obviously dragged to the show by their parents. I overheard an 8-year old boy who seemed just as excited as the 20-something woman on my opposite side. 

A big thank you to 95X and The Ritz for putting on such a great night of nostalgia and festive fun!

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