Three region is..


Three region is..


Dark, Intimate, and Adventurous Wedding Photography for couples who want a little something different on their big day.

At the heart we are story tellers, capturing every moment from the half smiles, to the secret glances, and first looks that last a lifetime. Our clients love climbing mountains, snuggling under blankets, making everyday an adventure, and they don't mind getting a little nature on their dress.  We make sure your photos reflect your most spontaneous and natural reflections of your relationships, through conversation, laughter, and love. 

We don't just work for our clients but create lasting relationships that foster a trusted environment, and most of the time we become life long friends! (Yeah that friend request isn't just for tagging you in your photos.) If this sounds like you and your partner we'd love to meet you, grab coffee or beer and get to know you! 

For a more in-depth description of Three Region Photography - our shooting philosophy, and what we can bring to your special day - read our feature on Bustld here.



I'm Jessica!  I'm the one behind the camera at Three Region Photography.

I'm more than just your wedding day photographer - I am your coordinator  keeping you in pace with timeline you created, your stylist making sure  everything is exactly the way you envisioned, and I may get a little confetti in my hair or a little mud on my knees to get you the perfect shot but to me it's totally worth it.

When it comes to shooting and editing I am a sucker for candid shots with tons of movement, vibrant colors,  and life within still frames.

Personally I love hot tea & strong whiskey (preferably together), reading books (real ones none of those digital copies), binging Netflix, loud music, pop culture (especially trivia), North Carolina, indie movies, Wes Anderson, staying up all night, and meeting new people!

Come say hello if you ever see me out and about make sure to say hey! I'd love to buy you a drink and get to know you. 






I'm Abby. I'm a portrait photographer and a lover of bread. I like traveling, a good chill day with some Netflix and a good meal. I love talking to people and hearing their stories. The moments that people share that make their face light up are the most important to me. 

My shooting style is fun and energetic. I can make you laugh and capture all those first moments. 





Hi there, I'm Sarah, Jessica's second shooter and wedding right hand girl. I love weddings and always have. 
As a photographer, I have an affinity for details. Getting up close and person with you, your guests, and all the personal touches that make your wedding unique is what makes me the happiest. 
When I'm not behind the camera, I'm an English Lit, Creative Writing, and Horticultural Science student - which is a long way of saying I spend my time reading books and obsessing over plants. I love any and ever kind of personality typing (ISFJ here!) and would describe myself as a mis of Anne Shirley, Pam Beasley, and Amelia Pond.



Where are you based?

We are based in Raleigh, North Carolina - but don't think we only shoot wedding's here. We've booked sessions in Boston, New York, Charleston, Atlanta, Seattle, and more. We love to meet new clients in person but have also utilized Skype and Facetime to schedule consultations for out of town couples.


How Long Have You been shooting weddings?

I created this company in May of 2015 and have been shooting wedding's ever since. In our first year we shot 5 weddings, then 27. (WHEW) We know what we are doing, with over 5 years in the wedding industry and a background in Film Production we make sure to bring professionalism and an artistic eye to your wedding. 


Do You Travel For Weddings? 

Yes. As mentioned above we LOVE to travel. We have quite a few out of state wedding's booked for this year. If you're out of state or even out of the country all we ask is that you pay our travel and lodging fee's and we'll be there at our normal rate. 

Do You Shoot LGBT Weddings? 

We do not discriminate at Three Region and believe love is love. We are happy to shoot any wedding within the LGBT community.  


How Soon Will I GET mY pHOTOS?

Industry standard is 6 weeks - however I've been known to get them to you a little sooner. Your photos will arrive via email with High-Res, Digital Copies, and you will receive a USB within two weeks of digital delivery in the mail. 

How many photos will i receive?

We believe in quality over quantity which means you will receive somewhere between 300-600 photos (for an 8 hour wedding).  Our main mission is storytelling and creativity so your album is curated to reflect your special day - we don't include 20 + photos of the same position/background/detail so that every photo is unique. 

What if I want those really awesome/adventure photos?

We always help our couples create a customized photo timeline to get the most photos out of your day - however the more adventurous photos are up to the couple. If you want to climb that waterfall, sneak into that abandoned building, run in the rain, or fly on a small plane, we are game - just remember you may get that dress a little dirty but it will be worth it. 

What about Black and whites?

I live life in color and although I love old black and white photos I tend not to shoot or edit in Black and White. I believe that your wedding photos should capture the day exactly as you remember it - in color. If I do include Black and White's its when the aesthetic justify's it - and I'll still include the color copy. 

Do You offer photo albums? 

Great question. You know I believe my favorite image might not be your favorite image so I believe that albums should be totally made and created by the couple (it is your day after all) - We also hate the ridiculous markup's some wedding photographers charge for photo albums. We recommend Social Print Studio - they have quite a few album designs to choose from, they are amazing, and nothing is over $60. Win/Win am I right?  


Do You Have Videography Packages?

We personally do not offer video, however our friends at LakeSide Wedding's would love to help you out. Let them know we sent you for special pricing (Available for NC brides only)