Turning 25 & Other Birthdays!

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Yesterday I turned 25 and in a few short weeks Three Region will be turning 1. 

These are huge birthday's for me, for my company, and for what lies ahead. 

When I was young I used to think 25 was such an adult age. It was when you had left school, struck out on your own, and in my mind established yourself in a career. I had a lot of ideas of what I thought my life would look like by 25. But yesterday as I sat surrounded by my friends - eating cake and ice cream - drinking an amazing sangria - I realized that everyone is at different stages in life and that every day we are continuing to become the people we are destined to be. 

Raleigh Lifestyle blog
Raleigh Lifestyle blog

I thought I would be a published author, a contender for the coveted 25 under 25 list. I thought I would be in a permanent dwelling - whether a house or a city apartment. I thought I'd be living in New York with a publisher and a coffee addiction and no more room to grow. 

It's funny to think that even 5 years ago I still saw myself in one of more of these pathways, and could not see that I had an outdated mindset on the way this world works. As I move past my quarter-century and into the next I'm starting to reevaluate these thought processes and learn to adapt to the way life is at 25. 

First I'll name 5 things I've accomplished by 25. 

Things I've Accomplished By 25: 

  • Started my own Business 
  • Created my Lifestyle Blog
  • Got Married 
  • Found Creative Full Time Employment as a Photographer
  • Created Long Lasting and Healthy Female Friendships

These are all great things. Things most people don't do in an entire lifetime. I've put myself out there artistically and emotionally - and have begun building a client base of truly wonderful and unique people. I've finally started putting my degree to use and feel that I choose the right field for myself. I also have learned to rid myself of toxic or youthful relationships and learned to settle down both romantically and in female friendship. It's important to have a strong support group that not only help you grow as a person but that push you to keep going when you feel like the odds are against you ( a feeling I have quite often being a young entrepreneur.) 

And while I'm quite proud of all that I've accomplished I know I have to keep going - for I have no intent on slowing down in the upcoming years - as I think of the things I have not accomplished I find myself being driven even stronger towards accomplishing those goals. 

Raleigh Lifestyle Blog


Things I Want to Accomplish in the Next 5 Years: 

  • Buy A House
  • Publish A Novel
  • Become Fully Self Employed
  • Sell A Piece of Artwork
  • Become A More Organized Person

As I look at this list I can feel that these are all achievable goals. I've been working on a novel for some time now and it's almost to it's final stages of editing. It's a life achievement I have strived for since I was a kid, filling up notebooks with my stories. While I would love to make money from my storytelling, just having the book in my hand will make my life feel complete. Every day I push towards that goal, but I also balance it with my current exploits. 

I hope that in 5 years Three Region will become it's own self sustaining entity. That perhaps it will become my Full Time job and writing a part time gig. And I feel to do this I need to have a home. To create a space that is mine and cohesive and organized, another big feat I hope to achieve this year.  While some say minimalism is the way to go when it comes to productive, creative, work spaces I prefer to live my life in clutter. However I would like to have organized chaos. 

While I know that 25 is not the end for me - nor the beginning - I feel that I am finally starting to take form as the maker I am meant to be and I hope that you all will join me as I strive to enrich myself, my life, and my career through creativity, photography, writing, and Three Region. 

I couldn't have achieved any of this without help and design support from my business partner who happened to take a chance on this! Or to Joanna Sue Photography who has been a great neighbor, friend, and creative - who has allowed me to expand even further. (More details on our new creative venture together coming soon) - and to Rob + Kristen Photography - who have been both a constant reminder that businesses take time and that it's normal to feel overwhelmed. Without these people's support I don't think Three Region would be as successful as it is now - in it's continued growth. So thank you to all ! And I look forward to more birthday's with all of you. 

Raleigh Lifestyle Blog